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Grass –  a raw material that is generated without a specific purpose, also offers interesting sustainability benefits from an environmental point of view.

Grass is not cultivated specifically for packaging; instead, the raw material is harvested from unfertilised grassland and is then processed for the paper industry. Thin, unfertilised grass is perfect for the production of grass-fibre papers and is therefore not in competition with feed grasses. Grass fibres also have the benefit of requiring little water in processing, reducing CO2 emissions and shortening procurement routes.

Packaging made from grass paper?

Of course you can.

Both virgin pulp fibres and recycled paper can be used as raw materials for packaging paper. Both components have specific fields of application.

However, new possibilities have now emerged with the use of grass fibre as a complementary raw material. From a processing point of view, combining with grass fibre delivers the usual reliability and quality in all production steps.

The demand for packaging papers that are clearly visually different from previous products is becoming increasingly widespread and is reaching all layers of the supply chain. This means that demand from everyone, from end consumers, retailers and brand owners to packaging producers, is constantly increasing and the range of possible applications is also constantly expanding.


Nature-Liner® Top


Nature-Liner® Kraft


Nature-Liner® Top Green

Our new NaturePackaging® label stands for:

  • Informing

We provide extensive information about using natural fibres for environmentally friendly packaging.

  • Advising

We can provide advice on the many uses of grass fibre paper or even pure recycled paper. Optimising your applications is always our top priority

  • Mediating

We can arrange suitable partners for your projects if required.

Grass paper?

Simply beautifully printed.

What’s more, playing with the entirely new surface as a design free space opens up new avenues. Take advantage of the fine hay shimmer, which stands out clearly from the other papers.

All common printing processes are ideally suited to the paper: whether flexographic, offset or digital printing is irrelevant when it comes to printability, even fine structures are shown off to their best advantage.

Thus, printed images with full-surface printing can be reduced or rethought by incorporating the grass look.