Nature-Liner®: Our mixture of recovered paper and grass fibre

Grass paper packaging – the environmentally friendly alternative

Paper with grass fibres? Of course.

Our premium product Nature-Liner® is a grass paper that represents a new generation of corrugated board papers through the targeted addition of grass fibers to the conventional manufacturing process for recycled paper.

We have thus become the first raw material producer for the corrugated board market in Germany and are convinced that this rediscovered raw material made from grass will enable us to make an important contribution to responsible management of the packaging cycle. By deliberately avoiding fresh pulp and partially replacing waste paper with grass, Nature-Liner® produces both an ecological and a visually appealing paper.

Graspapier Umverpackung für Tomatendünger

> Grass paper outer package for tomato fertilizer <

And since grass, unlike wood that is processed into pulp, contains hardly any lignin, the environmentally friendly production of the raw material for the paper also places considerably less strain on our resources such as water or energy.

Corrugated board and other packaging made from our Nature-Liner® grass paper meet the ecological requirements of our time. At the same time, the rapidly renewable raw materials conserve valuable resources and can be recognized at first glance. Accordingly, the surface of the paper is characterized by a special look reminiscent of a subtle hay shimmer, thus underlining the special character of the paper.

In addition, both gluing on the corrugator and printability can be carried out flawlessly.

Fact check

Nature-Liner® Grass Paper

  • up to 30 % grass content
  • compostable
  • Life cycle assessment available
  • fully recyclable
  • food safe (ISEGA)
  • no relevance of pollen
  • perfect bonding
  • suitable for all printing processesNature-Liner

Possible applications for Nature-Liner® Grass Paper:

  • Grass paper outer cartons and folding boxes
  • Grass paper displays
  • Grasspaper cardboard trays / packaging for fruit and vegetables
  • Grass paper bags / carrier bags
  • Grass paper shipping bags & seed bags
Graspapier Faltschachtel für Müsliriegel

> Grass paper folding box for cereal bar – demo version <


naturally compostable


Our different grass papers:

Nature-Liner® Top (brown)

125 g/m² | 140 g/m² | 175 g/m²

The top side reveals the characteristic look of grass fibers, while the backing retains the appearance and good bonding properties of a recycled-based liner.

Nature-Liner® Top Green (light)

125 g/m² | 140 g/m² | 175 g/m² | 200 g/m²

The use of specially selected recycled grades gives this liner a much brighter appearance and more intensively reflects the uniqueness of the natural product. It also enables visually better printability compared to the brown variant.

For all grades, we meet the technological requirements for a comparable test liner III.

Nature-Liner® Kraft (brown)

125 g/m² | 140 g/m²

We have already been successfully present on the market for many years with our 100% recycled-based K-Liner. Now we combine our robust K- Liner with grass fibers; this becomes our “Nature-Liner® Kraft”, thus adding another interesting paper to our Nature-Liner® product line.

It offers you significantly improved technological values compared to a conventional testliner and at the same time sustainability in the highest degree.

In combination with the subtle grass fiber sheen, the dark, strong tone of the special recycled stock, which is typical for our K-Liner, is shown off to excellent advantage.

This liner is the perfect combination of ecological and powerful corrugated base papers.

Nature-Wave® (corrugated paper)

120 g/m²

This liner between the inner and outer web of the corrugated board, also made of paper containing grass fibers, is specially tailored to the requirements of a fluting paper. Optimum bonding ensures a stable bond for your packaging, made entirely of grass paper.

Please ask for our detailed technical data sheet with further basis weights, parameters as well as samples.