Our mixture of recovered paper and grass fibre

From grass to Nature-Liner®

Trecker mäht Wiese für Nature-Liner® Graspapier

Our grass fibers are harvested as regionally as possible, here on our own meadow directly at the paper mill in Tornesch.

We are currently in the further expansion of the suppliers and rely on various sources to ensure our ability to deliver.

Hände greifen in loses Gras Graspapier Nature-Liner Papierfabrik Meldorf

In the next processing step, the hay is prepared in a regional mill according to our specifications for our paper production, then comes back to our paper mill as loose grass fibers and is checked by us when we receive the goods. For example, the raw material grass can also be used in the manufacture of paper without further processing into pellets.

Loses Gras Pulper Graspapier Nature-Liner Papierfabrik Meldorf

The grass fibers are then fed into the pulper with specially sorted recycling paper and dissolved in water.

In many test series, our paper technologists have successfully developed the correct quantity ratio to meet the requirements for sustainable and, at the same time, versatile functional packaging paper and are subject to our in-house recipes.

Stoffauflauf Papierfabrik Meldorf

The further processing on the paper machines was also adapted and optimized by us to the special requirements, so that our customers can also rely on consistent top quality with the Nature-Liner®.

Paper with grass fibres? Of course.

Our premium product Nature-Liner® is a grass paper that stands for a new generation of corrugated cardboard paper through the targeted addition of grass fibers to the conventional manufacturing process of recycled paper. We are the first raw producer for the corrugated board market in Germany and we are convinced that with this rediscovered raw material made of grass we can make an important contribution to responsible handling of the packaging cycle. By deliberately avoiding fresh pulp and partially replacing waste paper with grass, the Nature-Liner® creates both ecological and visually appealing paper.

Corrugated cardboard and other packaging made from our Nature-Liner® meet the ecological requirements of our time and fast-growing raw materials conserve resources. The surface of the paper is characterized by a special look that is reminiscent of a subtle hay shimmer and thus emphasizes the special character of the paper.

Adhesion to the corrugated cardboard system and printability can be carried out perfectly.

In addition, our Nature-Liner® is fully recyclable. Click here for the certificate:  PTS-Zertifikat

FSC-Zertifikat SGS

What varieties can we offer to you?

Nature-Liner® Top:

On the upper side, the characteristic appearance of the grass fibers is revealed; the base retains the appearance and the good adhesive properties of a recycled-based liner.two different optics of Nature-Liner

Nature-Liner® Top Green:

Through the use of specially selected types of recycling this liner gets a much brighter appearance and reflects the uniqueness of the natural product more intensively. It also allows optically better printability compared to the brown version.

For all grades, we meet the technological requirements for a comparable Testliner III.

Nature-Liner® Kraft:

We have been successfully present on the market for many years with our K-Liner on a 100% recycling basis. Now we combine our robust K-Liner with grass fibers; this will become our “Nature-Liner® Kraft”, thus expanding our Nature-Liner® product line with another interesting paper.

It offers you significantly improved technological values ​​compared to a conventional testliner and, at the same time, sustainability to the highest degree.

In combination with the discreet grass fiber shimmer, the dark, strong tone of the special recycled material typical of our K-Liner comes into its own.

This liner is the perfect combination of ecological and powerful corrugated base paper.


This connection between the inner and outer web of the corrugated board, also made of grass fiber-containing paper, is specially tailored to the requirements of a corrugated paper. Optimal bonding ensures a stable bond between your packaging, completely made of grass paper.

The “Top” and “Top Green” grades are available in different basis weights (125, 140 and 175 g/m²). We produce the Nature-Liner® Kraft in 125 and 140 g/m². The fluting, Nature-Wave®, is available in 120 g/m².

Please request our detailed technical data sheet with further basis weights, parameters and patterns.

                             Nature-Liner® Top Grammage Bursting strength  kPa DIN EN ISO 2759 SCT cd kN/m      DIN 54518
Typical values 140 g/m² 320 2,30
Guaranteed values 140 g/m² 260 2,00

Bags made of grass paper? Of course.

paper bags made of Nature-Liner

Paper bags are another example of how our Nature-Liner® can be used: recyclable and sustainable, bags made of our material can be combined very well with the increasing sense of responsibility for conserving resources.

Good printability and optical subtleties in the grass structure are an excellent advertising medium for ecological packaging and carrier bags.

Other application examples for Nature-Liner®:

Advertising medium for pens, flower seed bags or small folding boxes made of laminated goods: grass paper is very versatile, not only for corrugated cardboard! The grass grows and grows, like the ever new uses. Many of our customers also surprise us with new approaches that we are happy to pursue.

box with cornflower printing  seed bags made of Nature-LIner         

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